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Inteum Integrations Webinar

Inteum Integrations Webinar

Join us for our Inteum Integrations webinar coming up on August 24. We will explore the process of integrating Minuet with other software applications. The agenda includes: 1. What is an integration? 2. How can integrating Minuet with your other institutional systems...

Preparing for the new iEdison

With the new iEdison launching on August 9, we would like to update you on the new requirements so you can connect Minuet to the new iEdison system. We are currently testing the iEdison authentication and will include these new settings in a forthcoming release of...

2022 Inteum Australia User Group Meeting

Please join us for a special user group meeting on 31 August ahead of the KCA Annual Conference in Melbourne. We're going to have special topics on the agenda including discussions about Minuet and Analytics (full agenda coming soon). Connect with your Inteum peers,...

Revenue Distribution Webinar – July 27

Revenue Distribution Webinar – July 27

Our webinar for July covers Revenue Distribution in Minuet. We will look closely at Revenue Distribution on the Technology, Patent, and Agreement records, teach you how to set up your distribution profiles, and more. 

Technology Publisher Webinar – June 22

Join us for a special webinar on marketing your technologies with Technology Publisher. We'll show you how to customize your technology publisher site, give you an overview of the site templates, template fields, and a brief overview of Algolia, as well as some...

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