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Business Management


Rob Sloman, Founder & CEO of Inteum

Rob founded Inteum Company in 1992. From 1987 to 1992, Rob was President of Washington Research Foundation, which he managed through the retirement of significant debt and emerged as a leader in the field of technology transfer. In 1991, Rob was Vice President of the Association of University Technology Managers. Rob leads Inteum, which holds the record for being the most sustained, innovative developer of management information systems in the industry for over 25 years.

Inteum has delivered many industry firsts and has led the field of management information system software for technology transfer around the world for a quarter of a century.


Dave Waddell, Vice President

Dave is a Chartered Information Systems Practitioner with over 20 years’ experience in the design, development and implementation of business information systems. He spent ten years in technology transfer with the University of Edinburgh, responsible for research and intellectual property management systems.  In 2009, he founded Inprisys to develop and market the ‘Analytics for Inteum’ and ‘Integrate for Inteum’ solutions to Inteum clients around the world.  He supports the CEO in the strategic development of Inteum Company and continues to look after data migration, analytics, reporting and integration.


Britt D’Andrea, Vice President, Business Development

Britt joined the Inteum team in July 2012 as an Account Manager for the West Coast, North America and Australasia regions. She previously worked for another local software company for nine years as a Product Research Analyst and subsequently one of their customers as a Systems Administrator. She has a strong background in troubleshooting, testing , software support and training.

As VP, Business Development, Britt works on expanding Inteum’s client base in the Americas and Oceania.


Ruth Benson, Office Manager

Ruth joined the Inteum Team in April 2004. Prior to coming on board with Inteum Ruth worked at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, PathoGenesis in Seattle before they were bought by Chiron and the Washington Research Foundation. She uses her 20+ years of office, event management, and stage management experience with organizational skills to keep everyone on track.


Jeff Benitz, Marketing/Business Development

Jeff joined Inteum in December 2015 and brings a comprehensive background in business analysis, data management, CRM, and marketing. In addition to managing content and company communications, Jeff loves helping our customers solve problems with creative solutions. 


Customer Services


Preeti Cox, Account Manager

Preeti joined the Inteum team in July of 2015 after having worked in the software industry for over 15 years. Before joining Inteum Preeti was a Technical Support Engineer at WRQ/Attachmate. Along with her knowledge of software support, she is very customer focused and brings the voice of the customer in to development. She is also experienced with customizations, deployments and training of end-users.


Darin Benson, Account Manager

Darin has over 20 years experience in the biotechnology industry as a molecular biologist, and then seven years in business development at non-profit and publicly-traded biotech organizations. As a business development professional, Darin worked in all aspects covered by Inteum products including licensing and contracts, technology transfer and technology scouting, intellectual property, and partnerships and collaborations.


Nick Tallamy, Account Manager

Nick joined the Inteum team in October of 2014 after 14 years working in Law Enforcement. He has a varied background which includes creating and delivering training, both face-to-face and using digital media. The seven years before joining Inteum were spent within the High Tech Crime Unit specialising in Mobile Phone and Computer forensics. Nick is based in our European office in Exeter, UK and will work closely with our Inteum International team.


Karen Boghossian, Account Manager

Karen brings 10+ years of experience in academic technology transfer. Prior to joining Inteum in May 2017, she worked for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center as a Technology Data Analyst where her main responsibilities included compliance and metric reporting. Her previous experience also includes Portland State University where she was responsible for docketing, legal expense review, Bayh-Dole compliance, and divisional accounting; as well as Utah State University, working with in-house counsel to manage intellectual property. This past March Karen was a moderator at the AUTM 2017 Annual Meeting for both a session on Federal Reporting Compliance and TTO Admin Professionals and also presented at the Inteum Annual Meeting.


Gannon Mikesell, Customer Support Representative & Training Coordinator

Gannon joined the Inteum team in November 2013. He brings 14 years of experience in training administration, and product implementation.  Prior to joining the Inteum team, he worked at the CareFusion Corporation as an Implementation Analyst, supporting, training and implementing Pyxis products for the Rocky Mountain region.


Technical Development


Tim Hollobon, Vice President  & Chief Technology Officer

Tim joined the Inteum team in 2002. Tim has over 20 years programming and manufacturing process design experience. His knowledge and skill in scripting languages, Visual C++ and ATL/COM have been a great addition to Inteum’s software development team. Tim has been the guiding force in our transition from Inteum C/S to Inteum Web and is now spearheading the development of our next generation of the market leading solution, Minuet™.


Ken Zhu, Software Developer

Ken joined the Inteum team in October 2007. Ken has a Master’s Degree in Computer Systems and over 10 years of software development experience in various companies including Microsoft and GE Healthcare. His knowledge and skill in .NET programming is a great addition to Inteum’s software development team.


Tayllor Myxter, Software Developer

Tayllor joined the Inteum team in January 2012. Tayllor has over 6 years of software development experience. His skills in .NET programming are a great addition to Inteum’s software development team.


Musashi Strebe, Software Developer

Musashi joined the team in January 2014. Musashi has two years of experience with ASP.NET, one year with Microsoft GTO, and almost 2 years at a financial planning software firm with back end work in C++. Musashi graduated with a pure math degree and an applied math degree, with specialization in algorithms and discrete mathematics.


Justin Adair, IT & Support Manager

Justin joined Inteum in November 2005. With over 8 years of relational database reporting experience using Crystal Reports to develop reporting solutions, he has expanded his duties to supporting customers with installation, configuration & technical assistance of the complete Inteum software suite. This eventually lead to the creation and ongoing maintenance of the Inteum Hosted solution (SaaS) environments spread across multiple data centers around the globe.


Craig Smith, Data Migration Specialist

Craig joined the team in January 2016, having spent over six years at University of Edinburgh managing and running data warehouses and data management processes for research systems.  He is a database professional, highly proficient in modern enterprise data technologies, and handles all aspects of data migration from legacy systems to the Inteum platform.  He holds a BSc(Hons) in Computer Networking and an International Diploma in Business Analysis, as well as Practitioner level ITIL certifications in a range of disciplines.


Stephen Edwards, Analytics Specialist

Stephen joined the team at our UK office in December 2016, arriving with a broad experience across research and technical consulting roles. He has lead responsibility for the Analytics for Inteum suite of tools, including responsibility for system development, end-user support and development of advanced custom reporting, as well as being involved in data migration and system integration projects. He holds a Masters degree in Bioinformatics and a BSc (hons) degree in Biological Sciences.


Preet Mood, Senior Quality Assurance Lead

Preet joined the Inteum team in November 2017 and he brings over 12 years of IT experience in various sectors such as Telecom, Education, Banking and Insurance. Preet’s prior work experience included coordinating all phases of the software development life cycle, defining QA Best Practices. Preet is enhancing our QA processes and he is on the team developing our next generation software, Minuet™. Preet holds a Master’s degree in Information Systems from Ballarat University Australia.


Jesse Bergslien, Senior Software Developer

Jesse joined the Inteum team in January 2019. He brings over 8 years in software development experience specializing in web application development. Jesse graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computing & Software Systems from the University of Washington Bothell.


Theile Riordan, Implementation Specialist

Theile joined the Inteum team in February 2019. Theile comes from the University of South Florida where he worked over 10 years in Research & Innovation. Theile was the Business and License Compliance Manager for the Technology Transfer Office and has been an Inteum admin/user for over four years. Theile graduated from the University of South Florida in 2010 with a B.S. in Management and finished his B.A. in Criminology in 2013.


Steve Lott, Technical Specialist

Steve rejoined Inteum in 2019 with a change in focus from his previous role in business development to technical development and support.  After spending 2 years working for a bespoke software company in the UK, Steve will provide technical support for Analytics, Sentinel Manager and Calculated UDFs, as well as developing integrations for our clients.  He began working with Inteum in 2007 and has an advanced, all-round technical knowledge of the solution.

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