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At Inteum, we champion the power of collaboration. Our robust SaaS platform effortlessly integrates with multiple third-party tools, collaborating seamlessly with each one. Our strategic partnerships and integrations offer our customers an enhanced ecosystem that elevates their experience, efficiency, and success.

Borman & Company

With over 75 years of combined experience in intellectual property management, Borman & Company actively supports research-intensive clients such as medical centers, universities, and SBIRs in managing their innovation value chain.

We collaborate with top-tier institutions to establish successful private-sector research and licensing relationships, capture the necessary data and financial details for Bayh-Dole compliance, and promote efficient technology transfer at every stage of the commercialization journey.

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RenewalsDesk is a cloud-based IP portfolio management and renewals payment platform that automates renewals, facilitates secure card payments, and stores receipts directly in the case record. Founded by patent owners dissatisfied with traditional services, RenewalsDesk offers a transparent, efficient, and affordable patent renewal process, bolstered by free country renewal guides and an online management system.

Providing more than just renewals, RenewalsDesk ensures full support, offering professional patent attorney advice as needed. They guarantee responses to queries within two working days and assist in portfolio reviews and patent status determination at no additional cost.

Visible Legacy

Visible Legacy’s mission is to accelerate the translation of academic research into real-world solutions. VL integrates Technology Publisher feeds with other public data sources to offer potential licensees an online interactive knowledge map and search portal called Visible Legacy “Navigator”. Our platform provides potential technology licensees with sophisticated search tools that allow them to see the context of connected organizations, inventors, grants, patents, and papers, graphically navigate through results to follow the story of innovation, and quickly connect to inventors and technology transfer offices.

Additionally, VL assists TTOs in highlighting new technologies by offering add-ins for Technology Publisher that showcase related technologies and direct users to detailed maps. Visible Legacy enables industry and emerging companies to find expert teams and suitable technologies faster.

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Our seamless SaaS integrations are designed with our customers in mind. Easily streamline processes, sync crucial data, and enjoy an optimized user experience. Benefit from a platform that connects your essential tools, driving efficiency and ensuring you get the most out of your software. Your success is our priority.

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