RenewalsDesk is a cloud-based IP portfolio management and renewals payment service which offers you automated instruction of renewals, secure card payment, and automatic receipt storage in the case record for easy review.

Founded by patent owners who were unhappy with the poor service and high prices of their previous service, RenewalsDesk provides an honest, efficient and cost-effective service for patent renewals with complete transparency through its free country renewal guides and online patent management system.

RenewalsDesk also delivers full support with professional patent attorney advice when required. They promise to respond to any incoming query within two working days, and will assist you in reviewing your portfolio and establishing patent status without charging extra fees.

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Inteum Consultants

Leslie J. Smith

Leslie has 15 years of experience using Inteum in university technology transfer administration, with a focus on efficiency and data integrity. Her skills include set-up and implementation of the Inventor Portal; creation of UDFs, Form Letter Templates and Sentinel rules to increase efficiency; record auditing and clean-up; SOP creation and training; searching, queries and Analytics; and iEdison grant reporting and compliance.

Current Inteum customers may contact Leslie through their account manager.

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