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Inventor Portal

Give your inventors the ability to submit, sign and complete their invention disclosures via a web portal integrated with Minuet. 

Inventor Portal Demo - Add New Disclosure
Inventor Portal Single Page

Create disclosures and request agreements directly from a unified Inventor Portal.

Portal Disclosures

Streamline your process

  • Inventors start the disclosure process
  • The system automatically creates a disclosure record
  • TTO staff review and communicate with inventors via the portal
  • Subscribers to the disclosure receive notifications and can view or take action on the record
Inventor Portal Dashboard
Inventor Portal Data

Capture critical information

Invention disclosure information is captured in Minuet records, saving you time.

  • Key questions, dates, descriptions, and details
  • Important customer contact information
  • Patent and product information
  • Related agreements, documents and remarks
  • Grants and funding, interests, and marketing targets
Portal Customization

Customize your Portal experience

From digital signatures to templates and layouts, you can customize every part of your Inventor Portal site.

Stop the back-and-forth emails. Customize your notifications and communicate exclusively on the portal.

  • Use your institution’s official branding
  • Customize your language, date settings, and signup forms
  • Create multiple disclosure types and templates
  • Customize your site layout (header, footer, custom stylesheet, and logo)
  • Add and modify download templates
  • Tailor your email notifications to your inventors, portal administrators, and subscribers
  • Grant users restricted access with custom security groups
  • Change any content labels with the advanced editor
Inventor Portal Admin Tabs

Inventor Portal

Case Study

Learn how Washington State University improved its invention disclosure process by utilizing Inteum’s Inventor Portal, reducing management costs and process time while improving the experience for its researchers.

Washington State University sign on wall on campus.
DocuSign Integration

Connect your DocuSign account to the Inventor Portal

If you use DocuSign for electronic signatures, we have some exciting news for you! Inventor Portal features full DocuSign integration.

We have complete instructions for setting up the integration in both your DocuSign account and the Inventor Portal, plus a complete walkthrough of the signature process.

Image shows Disclosure part of Inventor Portal with opacity turned down and the Docusign Envelope Status: sent message highlighted on the form.

Minuet Subscribers

Learn how to connect your DocuSign account and start using your digital signatures today.