Analytics for Inteum

Instantly deliver intelligent reports and analysis straight from your Inteum system. Get Analytics

Powerful Design, Easy to Use

An easy-to-use graphical reporting tool gives anyone in your office the ability to query and analyze data, develop custom reports, and gain actionable insights into your IP portfolio.

Save Time, Stay Informed

Users have reported a time savings of up to 90% over traditional reporting methods. The easy drag-and-drop interface speeds up query building, giving you more time to analyze your data.

Communicate and Share

From ad hoc reports to monthly and annual metrics, Analytics provides the tools you need to deliver timely and accurate information from your Inteum system. Analytics runs alongside Inteum and is accessible from mobile devices.

Key Features and Benefits

Take your reporting to the next level


Get instant access to key information with your customized dashboard.


Query, filter and structure informative reports from ANY data module.

Time Saving

Create once, always up to date.

Full Report Designer

Complete customisation on report layout and formatting.

Charts for every need

Instant charts in a variety of styles.

Dynamic Analysis

Analyze your Inteum data from any view— ‘slice and dice’ to analyze by any field.

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