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Business Intelligence
Designed for Minuet

Gain insight into your IP portfolio and take action with Analytics for Minuet.

Features That Make Reporting Easy

Pre-built Reports

Hundreds of pre-built reports that run straight out of the box.

In-Depth Analysis

Reports cover all areas of your Minuet database.

Build Your Own

Start from scratch or customize an existing report (no SQL required).

Mix & Match

Combine multiple data points into a single report.


Create dynamic dashboards and reports that adjust in real-time.

Schedule & Share

Share reports with colleagues, schedule or export in a variety of formats.

Analytics Tools

An instrument for any data point

Query on any table or field. Build detailed reports and charts. Deliver the critical data your office needs to make important business decisions.

Minuet Editor Example


  • Sum data from your Minuet database against multiple data fields.
  • Choose from over 240 datasets or build your own custom dataset to get the exact analysis you need.
Minuet Editor Example


Create interactive, data-rich dashboards from your Minuet data. With over 140 datasets, you can create your own custom dashboards and embed them anywhere.

Minuet Editor Example


Search, filter, and sort data of your office using the Analytics Query tool. Search over 380 data sets or build your own custom dataset using our query designer.

Minuet Editor Example


Create detailed reports including filters, sums, and charts. Choose from over 380 datasets. Get extended detail with Master-Detail Reports, or create your own custom report. Search over 380 data sets or build your own custom dataset using our query designer.

Share Interactive, Data-Intensive Dashboards

Start your day with your office activities right in your dashboard on your Minuet Home tab.

Minuet My Settings
Minuet My Settings

Build Feature-Rich Reports

Report on any data point in your system in any configuration you choose.

Create and share custom reports on the fly, schedule reports to update your directors about ongoing office activities, or monitor your portfolio performance.

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