Analytics for Minuet

Business intelligence designed for innovation management

Gain insight into your IP portfolio and take action with the analytics tool specifically built for innovation management. Monitor your operation in real-time with interactive graphs and charts delivered right to your Analytics dashboard directly within Minuet.


Reporting Tools

Query, Analyze, Design

Analytics has all the tools you need to gain actionable insights into your IP portfolio. Query on any table or field. Build dynamic reports and charts. Deliver the critical data your office needs to make important business decisions.  


View, sort and search your data

Dive into the details of your operation using the Analytics Query tool. Search over 300 data sets or build your own custom dataset using our query designer.


Count, sum and analyze your data

Get the key summary aspects of your data using the Analysis tool. Choose from 165 datasets or build your own custom dataset to get the exact analysis you need.

Build structured reports

Construct detailed reports using the Analytics Report designer. Start with a Standard Report and choose from over 300 datasets. Sort and filter on any field. Get extended detail with Master-Detail Reports, or create your own custom report.

Analytics Customization

With custom dashboards and reports, everyone in your organization can monitor the data they care about most

Custom Dashboards

Create and share interactive, data-rich dashboards from your Minuet data.

Analytics for Inteum is tightly integrated into Minuet. Start your day with your office activities right in your Analytics dashboard in your Minuet Home tab.

Create your own custom dashboards and share them with your colleagues or embed them anywhere and share them with the world. 

Custom Reports

Use custom datasets to get the exact information you need

Analytics custom reporting gives you the power to report on any data point in your system in any configuration you choose. Create and share custom reports on the fly, or schedule reports to update your directors about ongoing office activities or your portfolio performance.

Patent Intelligence Suite

Extend the power of Analytics with our

suite of patent intelligence tools

Search, compare and sync your patent records with official online sources and manage your patent renewals all within Analytics.


Manage patent renewals

Calculate your renewal fees, project future renewal fee costs associated with your patent portfolio and develop customized reports and manage your renewals within Minuet


Power your patent search

The patent search feature is designed as a convenient way for you to search across disparate databases for patent information, all within Analytics.


Keep your records up-to-date

With the PatentSync™ utility for Analytics, you can automatically update your Inteum patent records with the official record maintained by online patent databases.

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