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Professional Services

Our Professional Services team brings nearly 50 years of combined experience in academic research and technology transfer. They have a wealth of experience in all areas of technology transfer operations — from disclosure, through patenting, to licensing — which they use to help clients fully leverage all of Minuet’s offerings.

Karen Boghossian, Vice President of Professional Services, joined Inteum Company in 2017 as an account manager serving clients in the Eastern US Region. During her 11 years working in academic technology transfer, Karen was a client and has previously acted as a private consultant for hospital/research technology transfer offices.

Theile Riordan, Implementation Manager, came to Inteum Company in 2019 and works with clients to implement and customize their Inventor Portal, Agreement Portal, and Technology Publisher; he also works with all new Inteum clients acting as project manager for new implementations. Theile, a former client, comes to Inteum with ten years of experience in academic/research, sponsored programs, and technology transfer.

Katherine Ashton, Manager, Professional Services, joined the team in 2023 after 16 years in academic technology transfer and private consulting for hospital/research technology transfer offices. Katherine is also a long-time Inteum product user and former client.

The three have worked and consulted for multiple institutions, in offices large and small, including universities, research hospitals, foundations, and private companies. As a result, they have gained extensive expertise in Inteum products and technology transfer practice including:

  • Invention Disclosure process
  • Patent prosecution and maintenance
  • iEdison & grant compliance
  • Post-execution agreement compliance
  • Technology transfer financials (payables, receivables, and revenue distribution)
  • Metric reporting
  • Web design & Marketing
  • Employee training
  • Department workflow/process improvement
  • SOP design and drafting

The Inteum Professional Services Team has a deep understanding of the complexities and unique needs of technology transfer professionals and can bring their experience and insight to bear to help your office improve processes, clean up data, automate functions, and customize Minuet and the family of related products. Our team is ready to help your office meet its institutional goals. 

Help Files

From data entry and managing emails to installation requirements, our help files have everything you need with informative visuals and in-depth descriptions.

Tutorial Videos

More of a visual learner? Whether it’s financials, reporting, or organizing results, our library of tutorials leads you through all the great features of Minuet.

Education Resources

Info-packed webinars lead by our expert Inteum team members as well as helpful user tips and release announcements.

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& Data Migration

Getting started with a new software system can be daunting. At Inteum, we make this process as easy as possible for you. Our implementation services are designed to assist you every step of the way and ensure a smooth transition for your office.

We handle data migration seamlessly from legacy or other commercial systems into Minuet, assist with set up, and provide expert training for your staff.


When you join Inteum, we assign you an account manager as your primary point of contact during implementation to help your team with your personalized onboarding plan and initial product training. Your account manager helps with ongoing training and support.

In addition to answering your questions via phone and email, you can also log in to Inteum Central to access the resources outlined below. View context-sensitive help files, watch tutorial videos, and access other educational resources.

  • Personalized onboarding to get your team up and running quickly with Minuet
  • Web Interactive Training (WIT) on topics determined by your institution
  • Monthly webinars
  • Onsite training customized for your needs
  • FREE Annual User Group Meetings
  • Regional Training
  • Online Certification Courses
  • Community Listserv with weekly User Tips

We offer exceptionally comprehensive software and related services from the most experienced team in the industry. We understand the needs of our clients and are constantly delivering top-quality service and efficient solutions.