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SUNY TechConnect

The SUNY system united its branch campuses, startups, and all of their technologies into one site powered by Technology Publisher featuring Algolia Search.


Institution: SUNY – The State University of New York
Date: June 2020

The SUNY system brings together its five satellite campuses along with all of their associated technologies into one easy-to-use platform. The site also features a Startups category, which Algolia filters, and an inventor page featuring all of their inventors.

Key customizations

  • Modern templates
  • Algolia Search
  • Algolia filters

Bringing Multiple Campuses Together

The SUNY system uses Technology Publisher site syndication and Algolia to combine technology listings into one platform.

SUNY Homepage Campuses Dropdown


 The Startups button applies an Algolia filter.

SUNY Homepage Startups Filter

Algolia Search

The Algolia highlighting matches text entered into the search bar, providing real-time search results. The category and keyword widgets allow users to quickly filter and narrow down their results, while keeping them on the same page.

SUNY Homepage - Algolia Highlight and Filter

Combine Filters and Search Terms

When a searcher enters a search term, the filters automatically update to indicate how many technologies from each category match the search term. The same concept applies to any of the available Algolia filters.

SUNY Homepage - Search Term Entered in Search Bar and Category Dropdown