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Powerful tools to help you manage your patents.

RenewalsDesk for Analytics

Inteum has partnered with online patent renewals service, RenewalsDesk, to provide an integrated utility through which you can manage patent renewal fees directly from Inteum.

Real-time monitoring

RenewalsDesk monitors changes in fees and schedules in real-time so you will always have the latest, most up-to-date information.

Integrate Dashboards

Integrate dashboard views so your renewal information is always at your fingertips.

Save money on fees

You can elect to stay with your current renewal service, or choose to use RenewalsDesk for one to any or all of your patents.

With RenewalsDesk you can:

  • Calculate renewal fees for 63 country rules
  • Project future renewal fee costs associated with your patent portfolio
  • Develop customized reports and manage your renewals within Inteum

There is no obligation to use the RenewalsDesk service. You can elect to retain your current renewal service, or you may find that RenewalsDesk will save you money and elect to utilize RenewalsDesk for one or more of your patent renewals.

More utilities to help you manage your patent records


With the PatentSync™ utility for Analytics, you can automatically update your Inteum patent records with the official record maintained by online patent databases.

The PatentSync™ utility generates a list of all of your patent records:

  • Select the patents you want to compare.
  • After a matching record is found in the online source, click to update your patent records.

Patent Search

The patent search feature is designed as a convenient way for you to search across disparate databases for patent information, all within Analytics. It currently supports the following databases:

  • USPTO Applications
  • USPTO Granted
  • Australian AusPat
  • Canadian IP Office
  • European Patent Office
  • Espacenet (Worldwide & Latin America)

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