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Inteum Year End Review 2023

This year, Inteum celebrated our 31st anniversary. Inteum was founded in the early stages of the digital age and has since evolved and expanded globally serving the academic technology transfer profession and adjacent markets. Our sustained success is the result of support from our customers around the world combined with our unwavering dedication to offering the leading IP management solutions possible. Minuet functionality expands in every direction, serving customer requirements.

This past year, we experienced a record number of sites migrating to Inteum from the competition. The main competitor underwent a change of ownership, followed by a merger with a much larger company, heralding new directions in their pursuit of growth. In stark contrast, Inteum remains focused on developing Minuet to serve our customers as the leading IPMS solution.

Our latest product updates are a testament to our dedication to advancing our solution capabilities and services, ensuring your experience with our software is without peer:

  • Form Letter Templates: Integration with Microsoft Word is available, allowing for a fluid transition and a more robust document management workflow.
  • Performance Improvements: We’ve fine-tuned our software’s performance, delivering faster and more efficient service.
  • Copyrights & Trademarks Record Forms: Our enhanced record forms offer more precise control over your intellectual property management.
  • Image UDFs (User Defined Fields): Expand your data capture capabilities with image fields, offering you a broader scope for data enrichment.
  • Log in Improvements: Streamlined access methods ensure your login experience is secure and hassle-free.
  • Minuet Import/Export: The enhanced Minuet import/export feature offers a smoother data transition, providing dependable data management tools.
  • USPTO Integration: Direct integration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office streamlines your workflow, saving time and reducing manual entry.

Our 2024 Virtual User Group Meeting will deliver engaging sessions packed with insights and opportunities for peer engagement. As with prior years, our Annual User Group meeting is split into two sessions. We record the UGM for review at your leisure on Inteum Central.

  • Feb 14 – Session 1
  • Feb 28 – Session 2

Reflecting on the evolution from our DOS-based D.E.A.L.S. Db to the global solution Minuet has become, we owe a debt of gratitude to you, our customers. Your feedback and support have been the foundation on which our success has been built and you have helped to ‘sculpt’ Minuet into the market-leading IP software it is today.

We’ve come a long way since Minuet’s inception, but our vision remains unaltered: to deliver a tool that not only keeps pace with the technological landscape but also anticipates the needs of tomorrow’s innovators.

Our pledge to you is a solution that accelerates your capacity to manage and protect your intellectual assets efficiently and effectively.

And as we approach 2024, our team is poised to assist with your customization needs. Our Professional Services team is eager to accelerate your projects and realize your goals, ensuring that Minuet meets and exceeds your expectations.

Our security measures, including regular penetration testing and rigorous third-party audits, reaffirm our commitment to the security of your data within the robust AWS environment where we host Minuet.

We eagerly look forward to meeting with you at the AUTM 2024 annual meeting in San Diego and celebrate our journey together. Take the chance to connect with us there for a unique token of appreciation in line with our 31st anniversary.

In closing, we express our heartfelt thanks for your ongoing partnership with us. Here’s to a brilliant year past and the promise of an even brighter one ahead.

We wish you a season filled with joy and a New Year brimming with prosperity.