Customize Minuet to fit the way you work

With a diverse global community spanning 27 countries worldwide, we understand your office has unique requirements, which is why we’ve carefully engineered Minuet with advanced customization options. Whether it’s language, office terminology, or the layout of the forms, you can customize Minuet to work for you.

Change any Field or Object

Prefer IP Assets instead of Patents? Maybe your finance administrator has their own set of terms that don’t particularly fit the standard form. Use Minuet content management to change any field name in your system.

Change your Language

Choose from Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, or any of the other 10 languages that comes preloaded in Minuet. Combine your language settings with content management, setting up your forms and fields to use your preferred terms.

Customize your Form Layout

Sometimes form layouts just don’t make any sense. We understand. With Minuet, you don’t have to live with the constant annoyance of a field being where it shouldn’t belong. Customize the form so it makes sense to you.
Content Management

Change any field name, label or object

You’re not just limited to content management changes with field names. You can change just about any object name in Minuet including user interface, object and view labels, as well as fields on your templates and alerts.

Change any field in your forms and editors

Change any object name in your grids

Change your button labels, menus and more


Choose from any one of 10 languages or create your own

Choose from Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian or any other of the 10 languages that comes pre-loaded with Minuet. Combine your language preference with our content management settings to use your language, regional dialect, and office vocabulary.

Form Editor

Customize any one of the 20 forms

Technologies, IP assets, marketing targets, and payables are just a few of the forms you can customize. You have access to all 20 of the Minuet forms. Customize any one to fit the needs of your office. 

Do you want to add your own fields? Minuet offers unlimited user-defined fields (UDFs), as well as calculated UDFs to automatically display data based on other fields in your database.

Change the height, width and field groupings

(including UDFs and calculated UDFs)

Copy and save your form layout templates

Add your own user-defined fields

All Customization is Included

That’s right. With Minuet, all of your customization options (content management, language options, custom fields, calculated fields, and form layout customization) are included right out of the box. You don’t have to buy any additional modules or negotiate additonal development work. You are ready to customize from day one.

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