Special COVID-19 Virtual Partnering Event


We’re excited to share #PartneringAgainstCOVID19, a unique virtual partnering event backed by a consortium of biotech clusters and trade associations in the life sciences industry in Europe and across the world. From 20 April to 6 May 2020, Lyonbiopole, Evaluate and Inova are making it possible for small and big players to meet and match their skills and efforts to develop and produce testing, treatment and solutions to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Participation in the COVID-19 Virtual Partnering Event is open to any organization that provides product, knowledge, or technologies that can help in the effort to develop testing, treatment, or prevention solutions to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. It will bring together stakeholders from research, science, manufacturing, health care, policy and financing to pursue:

  • Potential R&D collaborations
  • Tools for research projects
  • Drug repurposing
  • Partners for clinical trials
  • Biological markers and diagnostic tests for clinical trials
  • Animal and in-silico models
  • New suppliers for supply chain reinforcement
  • Funding and licensing
  • Production capabilities and scale-up know-how
  • Early stage discovery collaboration
  • Adjuvants, carrier systems, and formulation technologies

To learn more and sign up for free, visit