Software Selection Checklist for IP Managers

If you’re in charge of managing intellectual property you’re probably underappreciated. Most often IP managers are undervalued, underappreciated. You don’t make your operation any money, yet if it weren’t for you your operation could completely tank. Miss a deadline? Didn’t update a patent prosecution activity? Miss a filing deadline? You’re the guts of the operation. Without you none of your operation would work.

We’ve seen a host of requirements come across our desk in the past 6-12 months. Many have been impressive, but the one thing we’ve noted is that many have been job centric. They have revolved around the requirements of your specific job responsibilities. While our more broadly defined software selection checklist has been widely utilized, we thought it might be beneficial to provide you, the IP manager, specifically with a checklist based on your priorities.

Download the checklist and modify it to your even more specific requirements.

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