Analytics vs. Crystal Reports

Are you currently using Crystal Reports with Inteum? Analytics for Inteum offers so much more.


Premade Standard Reports
Custom Reports
Report Description
Export Crystal Reports (RPT), PDF, Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® Word, Rich Text Format, XML Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® PowerPoint, Doucment file, PDF, XPS, HTML, Text file, Rich text, OpenDocument Writer file, OpenDocument Calc file, Data file, Image file
Custom Report Design Can be produced by Inteum, for a fee Standard, Master-Detail and Custom Reports
Customize Dashboard for Quick Analysis of data
Patent Search from online sources USPTO, AusPat, Canadian IP Office, Espacenet (Worldwide, Europe, WIPO, Latin America)
Sync data from USPTO to your records in Inteum PatentSync
Schedule Reports
Custom & Dynamic Data Filters
Summary fields
Custom report styles and/or conditional formatting
Customize report by dragging & dropping fields into columns and rows
Analysis of Standard and Custom Datasets
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