Inteum Stories

Success stories about real people, how they have shaped Inteum and how Inteum has influenced them

Robert Sloman

Founder and CEO, Inteum Company

“We very much consider the business to be a mutual effort between ourselves and our customers.”


Sohail Malik

Former Director, Technology Transfer and Chief Licensing Officer at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

“The role of a dedicated person to manage and keep an eye on regular updates is important and improves efficiency of the office.”


David Waddell

Vice President, Inteum Company

“I’d like to work on collaborations and partnerships that add value to the Inteum Solution.”


David Gulley, PhD

Director, Technology Transfer Office, Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust

“We are in the first year of implementing our approach and I look forward to tracking impacts and generating reports at the end of the year.”


Jonathan Ho, PhD

Licensing Manager at DuPont Pioneer. Inteum Scholarship recipient in 2006.

“The people I met at the AUTM meeting were very helpful to me when I first started, and I would like to, in turn, mentor newcomers to the industry.”