2019 Annual Community Letter

Dear Inteum Community,

As we approach the beginning of 2020 and have entered our 28th year in business, we are delighted that so many of our customers around the world have already embraced Minuet™.

Your cooperation during this exciting transition and continued support means everything to us.

Thank you!

We are on the point of releasing MTAShare also, a collaborative effort with Vanderbilt. Expect to hear more about this in coming months. We have reserved booth #515 for the San Diego AUTM conference and will be conducting our 17th annual User Group meeting, which is free.

We are growing, with new sites coming on board this year from the UK, USA, South Africa, Germany, Australia, Malaysia and several other countries.  Those that value experience, state-of-the-art technology, proven business performance, functionality and stability have selected Inteum.

I want to extend a sincere thank you to those people who’ve offered their testimonials to prospective customers.  Viewpoints expressed by opinion leaders and trusted professionals in the field are highly valued by prospective customers and, of course, by us. We are determined to continue earning such support. 

The Inteum team is expanding 

Because of your outstanding support, we are continuing to expand. We have recently added another international account manager, Alec, and are making some portfolio adjustments for our other AM’s to better serve you.

Inteum International, headed by our Vice President, Dave Waddell, manages global operations for onboarding, integrations and data migration as well as Analytics.  We’ve added an implementation specialist, Theile, to help Dave and our team with customer implementations.

Also, as many of you may already know, we hired Steve to our UK team as a technical specialist earlier this year. He has been helping Stephen with Analytics development and support, as well as other projects. 

Minuet™, Analytics and service upgrades 

Many of you have seen the recent webinar on Analytics 4.0 that we previewed in November. If not, check it out on Inteum Central.

We are truly excited about the future of Inteum Company, and we’re putting our money where our mouth is.

Minuet is the foundation of our future offerings.  We’ve developed how-to videos and have completely reorganized the help system. Inteum Central provides our support portal where all the resources are at your fingertips.

This past year, as many of you know, Inteum completely reengineered its cloud infrastructure. Now with AWS, Minuet literally flies!  High performance has always been a top priority for our team and you are the beneficiaries.

Tim celebrates 17 years at Inteum. Most of that time, he has been at the helm of our development team. He has unrivalled experience and dedication to our mission. Our development team have worked steadily to add functionality to Minuet since we released it in January of this year. We are currently on version 2.0! You can keep up to date on development with our Minuet roadmap on Inteum Central.

As we enter our 28th year of operations, we are all energized by the introduction of the Minuet platform and are truly excited about the opportunities it offers our customers.

I am very proud of the Inteum team and their dedication to our customers; current and future.

We look forward to seeing many of you in San Diego this coming year and at our user group meeting.

Best Regards,


Rob Sloman

& the Inteum team


Due to the recent stay-at-home proclamation in Washington state, Inteum is currently conducting operations from our home offices.Read more