Inteum partners with RenewalsDesk

Inteum Company, LLC is excited to announce its partnership with UK-based online patent renewals service, RenewalsDesk, to offer Inteum customers an integrated utility through which they can manage their patent renewal fees directly from the Inteum system.

RenewalsDesk, an IP legal support services provider specializing in patent renewals, will supply Inteum customers with the country rules and monitor changes in fees and schedules in real-time so customers will always have the latest, most up-to-date information. Customers will also have the ability to project future renewal fee costs associated with their patent portfolio.

Streamlining the patent renewals process within the Inteum system is a benefit for intellectual property managers who can now automatically monitor the fees and project costs associated with their patent portfolios within the Inteum software.

All Inteum customers will receive the upgrade for free and can make use of the datasets and budget projections for use in their Analytics reports, also for free. Inteum customers can continue with their existing service providers or explore the potential for savings with the RenewalsDesk service. Customers can engage with RenewalsDesk services for some patents or patent families, their entire portfolio, or none at all.

RenewalsDesk is a British company set up to improve the services available for renewing patents across the world. The business was started by a patent owner who discovered first-hand the difficulty and expense of maintaining a patent portfolio using a provider with poor customer service and high fees. Its customer-focused service provides transparency with patent renewal costs, an easy-to-use cloud-based tool with a robust set of supporting features and world-class customer support.

The integration, developed by Inteum Company with the support of RenewalsDesk, is part of Inteum’s Patent Intelligence Suite, offered through Analytics for Inteum. The suite includes the PatentSync utility, which gives customers the ability to automatically update their patent records with the latest information from online patent databases; and its Patent Search module, designed as a one-stop shop for customers to search across disparate patent databases available online.