19th Annual User Group Meeting

We’re excited to announce our 19th Annual User Group Meeting. This year’s meeting will again be virtual. We have scheduled two separate webinar sessions that will cover the latest product developments, the product roadmap, as well as presentations on Minuet, Analytics, MTAShare and more. See the agenda below for more details.

As always, our user group meetings are complimentary for our customers. We appreciate your continued support of the Inteum team and community.

You can register here on Inteum Central.

If you cannot view the live sessions, please go ahead and register and we will send you a link to the webinar recordings that you can view at your convenience.

If you have any questions about the event content or registration, please reach out to Jeff Benitz, or Ruth Benson,




Session 1

Wednesday, February 16

8:00 AM – 10:00 AM PST


8:00 AM
Inteum Company – The Past 12 Months and Our plan for the Next 12
Rob Sloman, Founder and CEO, Inteum Company

8:15 AM
Minuet Roadmap Review
David Waddell, VP, Inteum Company

8:30 AM
Tim Hollobon, VP and CTO, Inteum Company

8:45 AM
Minuet Integrations
Matt Lawes, Cancer Research UK

9:05 AM
Expanding your use of the Agreement Portal: From Enquiries to Applications to Licenses
Nick Tallamy, Senior Account Manager, Inteum Company

9:25 AM
FLTs, Inteum Central Library
Darin Benson, Senior Account Manager, Inteum Company

9:45 AM
Amy Shim, VP, MTAShare, Inteum Company

10:00 AM
Using Minuet as a Project Based Solution
Nerida O’Shea, IPActive

10:20 AM
Open Q&A

10:30 AM
Closing Remarks



Session 2

Wednesday, March 2

8:00 AM – 10:00 AM PST


8:00 AM
Analytics Update
Stephen Edwards, Analytics Product Manager, Inteum Company
Calum McDonald, Junior Data Analyst, Inteum Company

8:20 AM
Technology Publisher
David Mackie, Account Manager, Inteum Company

8:40 AM
Using the Database to Manage Grant and Award Reporting – Discussing how Analytics and Import/Export Can Help Manage Compliance
Adrienne Pennell, University of Florida

9:00 AM
Virtual Marking
Amanda Aker, Teledyne

9:20 AM
Write-offs/Credit Memo
Preeti Cox, Account Manager, Inteum Company

9:40 AM
Managing Unapplied Payments
Karen Boghossian, Senior Account Manager, Inteum Company

10:00 AM
Open Q&A

10:30 AM